Pole Sands Challenge

Pole Sands Challenge – a first for Exmouth

Pole Sands ChallengeExmouth is a strong seaside community with a host of groups involved in helping local people in many ways. Each of them has our community at the heart of its activities, helping strengthen our community spirit and develop the skills, well-being and opportunities for those who belong.

Since the dark days of Covid, many of these groups have struggled physically and financially, but they are still doing immeasurable good to those engaged and spreading their wings to include as many local Exmouth people as possible.

In the world of endless communication, the fight to get their stories heard can be overwhelmed by the noise. Having a sporting event of some kind on Pole Sands each year can give an opportunity for some of those groups to raise their profile in the community and even raise money to help support their activities.

Who are involved this year and why?

 This Year “The Sandbar Cricket Match” is being organised by Exmouth Freemasons.
A friendly cricket match on Pole Sands is being played between Exmouth Freemasons and Exmouth RNLI on Saturday 20th July 2024 at approximately 11 am to 2 pm.

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Pole Sands - Exmouth

This will take place on Pole Sands, the sandbar exposed off Exmouth beach, at low tide.

Who are Exmouth Freemasons?
The Exmouth Freemasons are known by many groups in Exmouth for making donations to help them in their endeavours. We have been established for 240 years and there are currently over 250 members within our community. This year we have donated to 10 local charities and good causes in and around Exmouth, something we pride ourselves on managing to achieve each year.
This makes up a small part of the £100m that Freemasons of England, Wales, the Channel Islands and Isle of Man (United Grand Lodge of England) have donated to charities and good causes over the last five years through the Masonic Charitable Foundation (MCF).

What is important to us?
2024 on the sand - Pole Sands Challenge - Exmouth freemasonsAll Freemasons live by the values of Integrity, Friendship, Respect and Service. We are believed to be the second largest giving charity after the National Lottery and in case you didn’t know, women Freemasons have been an established organisation since 1908. All of us supporting local groups, families and individuals, it is written in our DNA.

Why do we want to be involved in this event?
We believe that our beach front offers a great opportunity to show off how our community can work together. With the help and advice of the RNLI, Exe Sailing Club, our Harbour Authorities, NCI and Exmouth Marina, discussions were held on how we might make this happen. As Freemasons from Exmouth, we think that whilst this event is not without risk, if properly organised it gives local good causes an amazing opportunity to say, “we are here” and would like to welcome you. But of course, it does come with loads of hard work leading eventually to loads of fun.

Why Sailability and Exmouth RNLI and Exmouth NCI?

Sailability @ Exe Sailing Club has approximately 90 volunteers, 8 vessels helping 26 local groups, including the Deaf Academy here in Exmouth. They spend hours helping those people have an experience on the water who might not easily get the chance. You might often see Tornado 2, our twin-engine catamaran taking sailors on 2 hour trips around Exmouth estuary and seafront. You might also see the Hawks, “ExEcite” and “No ExEcuse” providing an opportunity to sail in our local waters or one of their dinghies with Exeter Chiefs Foundation on the mainsail. They have been delivering this service voluntarily since 2008 here in Exmouth. Helping them will enable Sailability @ Exe Sailing Club to continue to provide this facility to people who love the water but might think it is out of their reach.

Exmouth RNLI really needs no introduction. These are all local people who selflessly give up their time and, in some cases risk their lives, to make sure there is someone to help us when our water adventures go wrong. This year they are celebrating 200 years and we are delighted that they are going to provide our opposing team in this match. Helping this charity strikes at the heart of our seaside community where being on the water is just part of what happens here.

Exmouth NCI are an organisation manned by volunteers who keep a watchful eye on the comings and goings on Exmouth seafront. Our local waters can on occasions be quite a challenge, even to the best of us, it is heartening to know that these men and women are there to watch out for us. Donating funds to them helps maintain this incredibly valuable service to us here in Exmouth and our visitors.

If you are able to, we would be grateful for your help by donating now

Cricket on the sand
This event will be free and is best viewed from the beach here in Exmouth, our website Exmouthfreemasons.org will have a donate button so that we can collect anything you are happy to donate.  This will be divided in the proportions outlined below.

  1. Sailability at Exe Sailing Cub 45%
  2. Exmouth RNLI 45%
  3. Exmouth NCI 10%

If you are a business in Exmouth and you think that this event has helped improve your business on the day, then perhaps you might consider donating.

Donation page.

Exmouth Freemasons Interview on BBC Radio Devon – 9th July 2024

The Pole Sands Challenge 2024 Flyer

Advice to the public
Whilst access to Pole Sands is not restricted you are strongly advised to view this event from the beach in Exmouth. We are holding the event during a spring tide where our water flows quickly along the seafront. Your help in keeping the view clear, by not bringing your own boats, will greatly help more people enjoy the event. If too many vessels take to the channel, and it becomes unsafe, we will have to stop the event and return to shore.