Regular meetings in Exmouth Masonic Hall

The Sun Lodge No. 106

Meets on the second Monday in each month.
Installation Meeting in January.

The original warrant of the Sun Lodge, meeting at the Sun Inn, Newton Abbot was granted on 17 March 1759. The Lodge moved to Exmouth in 1784 but the Warrant being lost the Lodge was not recognised until 1804 when a Warrant of Removal was issued. The Warrant of Confirmation issued in 1822 led to the year 1804 being accepted as commencement of working, hence the Centenary Warrant dated 18 January 1904. Recent research confirmed continuous working since 2 March 1797 and the Bi-Centenary Meeting was held on the 8 April 1997.

The Rolle Lodge No. 2759

Meets on the last Monday in each month, except May, which is on the Monday prior to the last Monday. Closed August and December.
Installation Meeting in October.

Date of Warrant – 12 May 1899

The Per Mare Per Terram Lodge No. 9355

Meets on the second Thursday in February, March, April, June,September, October and December.
Installation Meeting in June.

Date of Warrant – 8 November 1989

The Sun Holy Royal Arch Chapter No. 106

Meets on the first Monday in March, June, October and December.
Installation Meeting in December.

Date of Warrant – 3 May 1854
Date of Centenary Warrant – 5 September 1954

The Amity Lodge of Mark Master Masons No. 849 (Double Keystone Lodge)

Meets on the third Monday in February, April, June and November.
Installation Meeting in February.

Date of Warrant – 4 July 1927

The Bishop Surtees Sovereign Princes Rose Croix Chapter No. 628

Meets on the third Tuesday in March, May and July and the second Tuesday in November.
Enthronement Meeting in July.

Date of Warrant – 13 January 1966

The Vera Crux Preceptory No. 654

Meets on the second Tuesday in February, May, July and September.
Installation Meetings (KT) July & (KM) September.

Date of Warrant – 29 January 2005

The Lodge of St. Simon Mark Master Masons No. 1116

Meets on the last Thursday in January, June, and September.
Installation Meeting in September.

Date of Warrant – 19 July 1948