Exmouth Masonic Hall Centenary 1894 – 1994

Opening of Exmouth Masonic Hall 8th Sept. 1894

Opening of Exmouth Masonic Hall 8th September 1894

For 100 years countless numbers of men have used our beautiful building for the purpose of Freemasonry. A building so carefully and lovingly maintained by our Management Committee, led for more than 25 years by W.Bro. Bill Sleeman. But the men that we should remember with gratitude are that small number who had the courage and foresight a century ago, when the Lodge was small and visitors few, to erect a building capable of accommodating the large numbers we have today. I trust each future generation of Freemasons will enjoy the use of these splendid premises and regard them as a sacred trust to be handed on to their successors pure and unsullied as they now receive them.

1994 – Ken Alford, initiate of Sun Lodge. Provincial Grand Master.

The last 100 years – Exmouth Masonic Hall History

It is with the deepest regret we record that our most revered friend and brother, Kenneth J. Alford, Provincial Grand Master, died on Tuesday, 17th May 1994 after a short illness and with much pain bravely born.