Information from UGLE

Thinking of joining? This is an excellent information booklet from UGLE (United Grand Lodge of England).

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‘Freemasonry – What’s it all about?’ is a succinct summary of what Freemasonry actually is, clarifying its role and relevance in society today, and dispelling head on many of the commonly held myths. It highlights the importance that Freemasonry places on charitable giving, the part that many Freemasons play in their local communities, and the central role of the family. It also explains its moral and ethical approach to life – including thoughtfulness for others, kindness in the community, honesty in business, courtesy in society and fairness in all things. Freemasons are one of the largest charitable givers after the National Lottery, and also make major contributions to international disaster relief funds. Citing the many aspects of membership such as friendship, personal growth and development, the guide includes examples of people that experience Freemasonry first hand.