Pole Sands Challenge – Donation

Thank you for clicking the link to donate to the good causes the event is being run to help.

Before you do make your payment, please take a moment to read these next few points:

The event is FREE, so do go to the beachfront to get the best views. We are only collecting donations online only via Paypal.

Your donation will be divided as follows:

  1. Exmouth RNLI 45% (This money will support our local Exmouth team and not the national RNLI organisation)
  2. Sailability at Exe Sailing Club 45%
  3. Exmouth NCI 10%

The event is planned to take place at 10:00 am until 2:00 pm on Saturday 20th July 2024.

If in the interest of safety to all those taking part, the conditions are not suitable, the event will be cancelled. Any money collected will still be distributed to the organisations above.

Donate with PayPal

See full event information – Pole Sands Challenge

The Pole Sands Challenge 2024 Flyer